Objectives and Beneficiaries


The Project FAIRNESS addresses the priority of creating and promoting learning opportunities in the inter-generational context of family-run businesses, particularly the SMEs.

The main project objectives are:


  • Updating the skills and competence of the project direct target groups (managers of small and families run businesses) and of the indirect target groups (VET trainers, business experts and consultants) allowing them to transfer knowledge, tools, experiences and sustainable business approaches to be successful. 
  • Sharing the knowledge and competencies to the project target groups, allowing them to apply a concrete and sustainable financial business approach and embrace digital transformation
  • Designing and launching a web-based delivery mechanism that will make the project results available free of charge to all users, and allow the creation of additional structures and levels of information through future 'post-project' development;
  • Ensuring long sustainability of project results through the development of a dedicated web platform that will continue to be available for 3 years after the project ends, ensuring the availability of the project’s outputs;
  • Developing training tool that will allow modularity for each user that would be able to provide knowledge and understanding of their actual financial requirements and how / where these may be available;
  • Building a long-lasting cooperation network among the project partners;
  • Underlying the most appropriate and best financial solutions and opportunities for business development in the relevant context and to mobilize skills to transform business ideas into new well-financed enterprises/start-ups.



 The project's direct target groups are:

  1. Owners of family-run businesses, managers of SMEs, and entrepreneurs
  2. Experts/VET trainers, with particular reference to families and small enterprises


 The indirect target groups:

  1. Representatives of business organizations/chamber of commerce
  2. Representatives of Public Authorities supporting SMEs
  3. Experts and consultants
  4. Other VET providers
  5. Representatives of Universities

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